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Our Beginning


Management Team:

Suzie D. Fleming, Managing Partner

Matt Fleming, IT Practice Manager


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Fleming Business Interests (FBI) was established in July 2002 with a deep sense of purpose and commitment to people. This company provides skillful, highly trained facilitators who have an acute understanding of the needs of business executives and their teams. Each facilitator is highly effective as a trainer and coach to teams in the areas of organizational communication and integrity, goal setting and execution, and defining core business practices.  

FBI specializes in powerful individual coaching sessions; valuable business process analysis; unique team-building events; and effective group meetings. Clients are consistently delighted with the results they achieve.

As a solution to the demand for Women-owned business enterprises skilled in the area of Professional Coaching, Management Consulting and Computer Information Technology, FBI maintains an environment that incorporates progressive thinking, innovative ideas and Christian based ideologies. We provide solutions that require strategic planning, process design, team building, implementation and support for traditional and web-enabled enterprise solutions. Many companies desire to partner with Women Business Enterprise (WBE) companies for participation in government contracts and other procurement activities.

FBI exceeds 40 years combined experience in the area of Information Technology Consulting providing cutting edge technology solutions. Our in-house and consultant expertise includes Oracle, SQL Server, Hyperion Professional Suites, EMC Storage Area Network, Microsoft, Novell, and Cisco Certified professionals, Exchange, Active Directory, Performance Tuning and Application Development.

Founded in Houston, Texas, our company immediately went to work contracting with local, state and national service providers to meet their needs for utilizing qualified professional and technical resources.