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Executive & Management Coaching

Being "Coachable" is not a GIVEN or natural behavior.  It is a behavior that is created by an individual at any moment for any situation.  It is a CHOSEN behavior.
At Fleming Business Interests we say that someone who is coachable has the ability and desire to be taught, tutored or provided direction AND has granted permission to their coach to do this under most any circumstances. We will work with you to go beyond that point in your training and development where most courses or training stops.

We will provide coaching that makes a significant difference in the areas of:


Executive Direction


Conflict Resolution






Personal Productivity




 Why Coaching?
In analyzing your development needs, maybe you have come to realize that you need to learn how to:
· Think strategically more often
· Communicate powerfully - up, down, and across your organization
· Collaborate more effectively
· Demonstrate more of a leadership presence with key personnel and outside vendor personnel
· Be ready, willing, and able to have the difficult conversations when needed
· Effectively drive key business results
Or maybe it's something entirely different. Regardless, consulting with a coach/mentor/consultant is key to keeping your leadership development on the fast track. Being a leader is different than being a manager – it is less about being able to advance your functional competency and more about things like trust, and influence, and confidence, and collaboration, and vision, and communication, and articulation. A compelling leader is able to make good decisions utilizing less time and resources. Being a leader is about coaching others who help you. Do that, and your influence will skyrocket.

What Coaching Is NOT...

Coaching IS NOT Therapy!

Coaching is not about fixing people! In fact, most people who hire coaches are already very successful. Yet in their success, they realize they can be even more successful if they just make a few adjustments in their lives. A coach helps you to do exactly that.
Coaching is not about giving you the answers! It's really about helping you figure out your own answers. It's really about helping you become a better communicator with YOURSELF, because when you do, you naturally work harder and smarter, AND do better.
Coaching is not casual conversation! Although coaching conversations can be quite fun, a coach's job is to help you move forward in a way that's totally in line with who you are and what you want - at work and in life. The goal of coaching is to facilitate deep learning and lasting change. Therefore, the coaching conversation needs to be both relevant and resonant. And coach and client need to attend the call in ready-to-work mode.
Coaching is not something everyone is good at! Sure, anyone can try to coach. But not everyone can coach well, because it requires a mastery of advanced communication and relating skills coupled with experience, knowledge, and a special commitment to helping others flourish. When selecting your coach, look for experience - relevant experience - and then check for rapport. Only ALL of these qualifications can ensure a fulfilling and beneficial coaching experience.