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Six Conventional Characteristics of
High Performing Teams




Over the years we have studied and researched teams and teamwork and we have found consistently similar qualities and characteristics in teams that achieve exceptional results. This list of characteristics has proven to be of immeasurable value as we have worked with clients to establish new teams or to intervene when team effort was less than effective.


Each characteristic plays a specific and vital role in making the team effective, and therefore it is worth a closer look. If one of these six characteristics is missing or inadequate, the team is, limping along at best. If two or three are lacking, this group is probably not a team at all.  Here are the six characteristics in abbreviated form. Place a star by all characteristics that describe your team; place an “X” next to those that your team does not portray.  We provide a review of these thoughts from every role within your team.  This offers you a clear view of how your team is perceived and where improvement for High Team Performance is possible.